Message from WYIR Organizing Committee

It is my honour and pleasure to have a good opportunity to work together with my brothers at both Wah Yans, and to co-chair the Organizing Committee of the Wah Yan International Reunion 2022 (WYIR 2022). 

Over the past few years, flight travels, social gatherings including our alumni activities have largely been restricted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Nevertheless, the strong bonding, friendship and love in the Wah Yan community still continue.  Instead of our previous practice of conducting physical gatherings at a local chapter of the Wah Yan Past Students Association (WYPSA) as the host, we have adopted a hybrid mode of participation this time and picked the theme of “Brotherhood without Borders” for WYIR 2022.  We hope that apart from physically attending in our two-day reunion at the two Wah Yans on December 10 & 11, overseas alumni and friends or those who cannot attend physically can join us through virtual connections and share their greetings and updates with each other on this meaningful occasion.

We are honoured to have both Wah Yans’ Supervisor, Fr. Clement Tsui, and their Principals Dr. Davis Chan and Ms. Cecilia Chow, to be our Guests of Honour for WYIR 2022.  Also, during this two-day reunion, there are respective sessions for the WYPSA Chapters from Canada, Mainland China, Singapore, UK and the US; as well as sessions for Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School and Wah Yan One Family Foundation at different time slots.  I hope we can base on these schedules to meet our peers at each other’s end more effectively, no matter where we are in the globe.

Last but not least, I must say a big Thank You to the Organizing Committee and all contributors for their hard work and kind support; and to the two Wah Yans for sharing their campuses and equipment to make this “Brotherhood without Borders” for WYIR 2022 come true!

I look forward to meeting you all on December 10 & 11!

NG Kei Bok Nelson (WYHK 00)
Co-Chairman of Organizing Committee, WYIR 2022

Dear Wahyanites around the world,

It has been more than three years since our last International Reunion (IR) due to the pandemic. Though there are still travel restrictions in certain countries, our organizing committee believes that it is essential to re-connect with our overseas alumni in preparation for the 100th / 105th anniversary celebrations for Wah Yan College, Kowloon and Wah Yan College, Hong Kong in 2024/2025.

In the coming two-day online events, we managed to arrange online sessions with representatives from 10 overseas chapters across North America, Europe and Asia, together with both of our schools, our PSAs, Wah Yan One Family Foundation and Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School, to have valuable and constructive interactions to strengthen our bonding and brotherhood of Wahyanites across the globe. We tried to cater the time zone differences of each chapter in arranging the schedules with the aim to attract as many alumni as possible in other countries to participate in this meaning event.

Last but not least, I would like to pay tributes to all the members in the organizing committee for their hardwork and dedications to make this event happen. We hope that the two-day conference could serve as the start to reunite all our overseas chapters and we look forward to organizing our next International Reunion with physical gatherings in two years’ time.

See you all on December 10 and 11!

Co-Chairman of Organizing Committee, WYIR 2022